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Hello, I'm Eunice Harris, the customer service representative for Entergy on the Northshore. Entergy has been operating in Hammond since 1927, which makes that 90 years. Entergy has an outstanding workforce here in the city of Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish. In Tangipahoa Parish, we have more than 220 employees. We also have retirees who have decided to live here in Hammond and the surrounding areas and it's because it's a great place to shop, to visit the performance theater, to visit festivals. We have festivals of all kinds in Tangipahoa Parish.

In Hammond, Entergy can find the workforce that it needs as it relates to engineers, accountants, and managers. We find our meter readers here as well as our nuclear engineer. We have a vast repertoire from which we can pull our workforce from here in the Hammond area. One of those reasons is because of Southeastern, because of the technical college. It is very beneficial for Hammond to be introduced to customers because Hammond is located at the crossroads of I-12 and I-55. Hammond is located near the major thruway Highway 51. Hammond is located near Port Manchac. Hammond is located near a railroad here. Entergy really benefits from doing business here in Hammond because Hammond is centrally located whereby it can draw resources from all over the United States.

We also have a regional airport here. Between the airport, the two major interstates, the nearby large cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, the railroad, the Southeastern University, Hammond is really one of Louisiana's best kept secrets.

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