Although Hammond has incredible natural and industrial resources, it’s most valuable asset is its people.

With a ready-to-work labor force of nearly 1 million strong within a 60-mile radius, Hammond provides a direct link between skilled workers (with access to higher learning and workforce training) and the businesses who need them.

More than half of our workforce is made up people ages 30-54, a segment of the population that can be relied upon for its expertise, quick-footed learning, and work ethic.

Due to our proximity to some of Louisiana’s most respected higher education institutions, Hammond’s workforce is also widely comprised of workers under the age of 30. These workers are eager to learn, versatile with their skillset, and are in search of a company where they can establish a lifelong career.

Our environmental surroundings, culture, and job opportunities continue to drive more people to Hammond while also keeping our college graduates in the region. Our workforce will grow for decades to come.