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August 17, 2017 HAIEDD and HIDB Board Meeting - Final Agenda

Final Agenda for the August 17, 2017 HAEIDD and HIDB Board Meeting at 8:00am in the SLU SBDC Building, Conference Room 131, 1514 Martens Drive, Hammond.

  1. Call to Order: Board President Joseph Mier
  2. Roll Call: Michael Tomlinson, Executive Director
    • HAEIDD: Joseph Mier, David Faucheux, Hart Bordelon, Dr. Aristides Baraya, Janet Davis, Alexis Ducorbier, Sandy Summers, Randy Vicknair
    • HIDB: Hart Bordelon, Perry Catchings, Janet Davis, Alexis Ducorbier, David Faucheux, Lacy Landrum, Joseph Mier, Mayor Pete Panepinto, Randy Vicknair
  3. Introduction of Guests:
  4. Minutes: Approval of Minutes for: July 20, 2017 Meeting at 8:00am and May 2, 2017 Meeting at 8:30am. (Section 1)
  5. Public Comments:
  6. Financial Reports: Hart Bordelon reporting in absence of Paul Riggs with JL&R--(Section 2)
    • Report on Compilation of Basic Financial Statements as of and for the Year Ended June 30, 2017
  7. Director’s Report: Michael Tomlinson, Executive Director (Section 3)
  8. Stacey Neal with Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation
    • HAEIDD annual TEDF contribution
    • Takeaways from Logistics Development Forum in Vail, Colorado that she attended
  9. Old Business: Resolution for HAEIDD credit card:
    • A resolution to approve the request for Mr. Michael Tomlinson to establish a credit card with First Guaranty Bank; to approve Mr. Michael Tomlinson, Executive Director, to hold a credit card on behalf of the Hammond Area Economic and Industrial Development District; and approve the credit limit to be $3,000.00.
  10. New Business: HAEIDD Tax Proposal Campaign Addendum (Section 4)
    • Change Order request from 5 Stones Media, LLC
  11. Legal Report: Seale & Ross, PLC
  12. Administration Report: Mayor Pete Panepinto
  13. President/Executive Committee Report: President Joe Mier
  14. Discussion Items not on Agenda:
  15. Adjourn
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